Barrier Film – Solution for Flexible Packaging

The packaging industry has drastically evolved within the past decade most in order that currently once we consider packaging, the primary issue that involves our mind is the flexible, easy-to-carry pouches & not metal/glass containers. Flexible packaging has clothed to be one among the fastest-growing packaging solutions within the industry. Whereas these have undergone several changes & enhancements, one among the largest innovations has been its contribution to the food industry within the variety of BOPP-based Barrier Films. These films are widely utilized in the FMCG sector as they supply many barriers against external components & keep the within contents intact and recent for an extended amount of time.

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Barrier Against Moisture, Gas & Chemicals

Products like medicines, food products or cosmetics are at risk of injury with exposure to moisture, chemical or external gases together with chemical elements. Here’s however barrier films defend these product from damage:

  • These are factory-made using polypropene material that’s particularly familiar with permanent chemical resistance.
  • These films additionally showcase a high seal strength that stops part moisture and gases like chemical elements from getting into & spoiling the within contents.

Higher Yield

In general, BOPP based mostly barrier films have a density of nearly 0.90 g/m, therefore rendering a better yield at an analogous value & creating an extraordinarily effective value compared to polyester films.

Environment Friendly

As critical to the common story, BOPP-based barrier films promote use and utilisation (pouches with no locks or spouts). These films will be recycled again and again and at low prices. Also, it consumes less power whereas being factory-made.

Food Wastage Prevention

As per a report by the FAQ, inferior packaging is the reason behind 50% of total food wastage across the planet. This can be as a result of, from farm to plate, instances like exposure to chemical element or part moisture will cause undesirable reactions. Barrier films that act as a protect against chemicals, moisture & gases will decrease the probabilities of food spoilage. To boot, it additionally keeps the within aromas intact and therefore the food stays fresh for an extended amount of your time. As a result of these reasons, several food-producing firms have currently turned to barrier films that have doubtless tried to be extremely useful within the food industry.

Packaging Design Innovation & Customization

  • These will be formed into any form and type together with lay-down or stand-up pouches.
  • It offers nice print quality and enhances the ultimate look of a product with its shiny look.

Jupiter Laminators, a number one manufacturer of packaging, lamination & labeling films and artificial paper, produces a spread of high-quality barrier films. Jupiter Laminators barrier films are made up of BOPP or CPP films, factory-made with an aim to supply a barrier against moisture, gas & chemicals and cut back the consumption of packaging material. The company offers a spread of variants to decide on from together with clear, White or Metalized and has additionally worked with many brands and converters to make fully recyclable barrier films. It even replaced a three ply packaging structure with a pair of ply, and one ply structure with its Ultra-High Barrier Films.

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