CSR Initiatives Undertaken By Jupiter Laminators

CSR meaning corporate social responsibility is a management concept in Jupiter Laminators where social and environmental concerns are of utmost importance. In India, there are several and well-laid down legal provisions of CSR activities of companies. There are some specific parameters taken for pollution control, restriction on the use of plastics, treatment of wastages, and forestation. Jupiter Laminators believes in social and environmental sustainability and has taken several key initiatives and goes above and beyond keeping in mind what is expected from us by the law. Our policies and knack of doing practices are framed to ensure sustainability, pollution control, environment protection, use of safe materials and processes, reducing carbon footprints, fairness of manufacturing and trade practices, and improving productivity.

Our some pronged CSR initiatives focus on:

  • Lowering carbon footprint
  • Women empowerment
  • Establishment of Pyrolysis plant
  • Using renewable resources in manufacturing
  • Planting trees

Lowering carbon footprint: Jupiter Laminators have always been keen on promoting the healthcare and wellness of the people around them. However, we have also always been concerned about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and while there are many ways to do this and save energy we have put our efforts into something like planting more and more trees, using the resources and materials efficiently to save resources and also has introduced with the idea of using flexible pouches as these pouches use packaging with a product-to-package ratio of 97% which saves much more resources than it consumes. Not only this, taking the initiative forward, we have adopted a public park in Sonipat Haryana which is being maintained by us effectively and efficiently. This park is a source of clean air for morning and evening walkers and an opportune place to play for children.

Women empowerment: For a long time, we are hearing that men are superior to women. But, for us, both men and women are of equal importance and in fact, Women’s empowerment has never been a word but something that we truly believe in and always wanted to promote with our hands on it by initiating it with our CSR initiatives. Eliminating the struggles of women behind men, we took a pledge to distribute several sewing machines to women.

Establishment of Pyrolysis plant: A pyrolysis plant is a machine that mainly converts plastic/tire waste into household fuel oil. The raw material is old plastics or old tires and is heated in a reactor. The principle of the pyrolysis plant is as follows: if the raw material used tires/plastic is heated in the reactor, the raw material will generate petroleum gas. When petroleum gas enters the condenser, the petroleum gas condenses into liquid oil. The pyrolysis system is very energetic during the process. The non-condensable petroleum gas is returned to the burner to heat the reactor. Therefore, little energy is required to operate the pyrolysis system. The final product of the pyrolysis plant is mainly fuel oil (can be converted into diesel), soot, and signal gas. (Steel wire for old tires). The pyrolysis plant is renewable and environmentally friendly waste equipment. Establishing this plant is not only a well-planned investment for us but we are also promoting the plastic ban initiative taken by the government, helping our environment from the threat of plastics.

Using renewable resources in manufacturing: We use less energy and produce less CO2 emissions. In particular, the manufacturing process in our company requires fewer natural resources, especially when compared to other alternatives. If we look into an example, water conservation has turned into an essential practice in every part of the world, therefore it has always been a vital initiative for us as well. We strive and ensure to follow the most practical and environment-friendly approach to lessen our need for water and use only and only renewable resources in the manufacturing process.

Planting Trees: As we all know, more greenery means more oxygen which then further leads to a healthy lifestyle. Jupiter Laminators endorses such initiatives by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in recognizing the environmental, social, and economic impact of trees. We don’t rely just on words so we have also proved it by our actions as we have contributed our bit by planting several trees in Murthal, Haryana.

Jupiter Laminators have constantly invested in newer technologies that consume fewer resources, less energy and contribute to water conservation too. All in-house wastages are recycled by the pyrolysis initiative taken by us and further ends it by planting trees every year.

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