Innovation That Has Lead Flexible Packaging

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In the flexible packaging world, emerging market trends and innovations are viewed by many as the most popular way for any packaging company to stay ahead of the market. As flexible packaging has sparked new ideas and innovations in the industry, they offer consumers a more affordable, personalized and convenient alternative to rigid or traditional … Read more

Trends That Affect The Flexible Packaging Industry

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The flexible packaging industry needs, for example, to remain flexible. Customer changes and trends have a significant impact on packaging innovation and its supply chain. These are some of the biggest business drivers for flexible packaging engagement. Durability and plastic reduction Consumers are increasingly avoiding plastics and seeing them as harmful to the world. With … Read more

CPP – A Versatile Film

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Polypropylene film, or PP, is a low-density plastic film. The most important types of PP have cast polypropylene (CPP) and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). Jupiter Laminators offers only one type of PP film that is CPP. Although BOPP is a better-known polypropylene film, the use of CPP in food, pharmaceutical, floral, textile, and many other … Read more

Flexible Packaging Trends For 2021

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Top brands use their product packaging to interact with customers daily. In a world where competition for consumers’ ever-shortening attention span is high, brands ought to notice new ways to face out and keep relevant. Product manufacturers are perpetually checking out the most recent innovative package style and sustainable choices while not sacrificing quality whereas … Read more