Flexible Packaging Trends For 2021

Top brands use their product packaging to interact with customers daily. In a world where competition for consumers’ ever-shortening attention span is high, brands ought to notice new ways to face out and keep relevant. Product manufacturers are perpetually checking out the most recent innovative package style and sustainable choices while not sacrificing quality whereas keeping prices low. Finding that balance may be a challenge, however, the most recent Flexible Packaging choices will facilitate.

Driven by shopper demand for environmental sustainable, food safety and freshness, and producer necessities for price potency, innovative style, and a holistic, tailored method, the subsequent trends are set to dominate the flexible packaging trends in 2021:


As consumers’ lives become progressively feverish, individuals don’t have the maximum amount of time to cook meals from scratch, opting instead for convenient, ready-made meals. Demand for pre-packaged choices like meat, fish, poultry, frozen foods, and partially-baked bakehouse goods is on the rise—and meaning demand for innovative flexible packaging choices has additionally enlarged. This implies the longer term of flexible packaging would require additional choices that have changed the atmosphere for food, or higher heat-resistant packaging for microwaves and ovens.

Flexible packaging choices like Jupiter Laminators products microwaveable packaging is the final for convenient frozen foods. It permits frozen vegetables to be effortlessly steam-cooked in a microwave while not the requirement to get rid of them from the package. Customers will relish a healthy, wholesome meal in a matter of minutes, that could be a large advantage for families these days.


In addition to enlarged shopper demand for ready-made goods, individuals additionally need support that what they’re feeding is recent and safe. As grocery prices increase, customers need packaging that keeps food fresh for an extended period, reducing waste and ultimately permitting them to stay their grocery payment in restraint.

Technological advancements in flexible packaging production have resulted in films that yield additional barrier choices to stay food lowerclassmen longer. These new films offer producers a major advantage over glass or metal packaging—which doesn’t yield customization of barrier protection. Flexible packaging thicknesses may be custom-designed for all sorts of goods giving barrier protection against wetness and aluminum that’s applicable to your individual goods.


Ask any shopper whether or not environmental protection is very important to them and it’s extremely likely they’ll say “yes”. The millennial generation is the most willing to pay additional for sustainable offerings—almost 3 out of 4 respondents united. Less waste, cleaner air, and smarter energy usage, however, are some things we all try for.

Jupiter Laminators continues to require eco-friendly, sustainable packaging to new heights. With goods that are created with a triumph, environmentally friendly method and a totally perishable package solution, let alone solely alkane gas and biomass, we’re absolutely committed to our green operations.

In fact, Jupiter Laminators was the primary flexible company to realize the ISO-14001 Environmental Management designation and that we still establish opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint on a routine. Since the year 2003, per foot shipped, Jupiter Laminators has:

  • Reduced our residual solid waste by 87%
  • Lowered our water usage over 78%
  • Reduced electricity usage by 41%
  • Reduced VOC emissions by over 55%
  • Became a licensed SGP Printer


Flexible packaging is the most economical technique to package, distribute and preserve food, beverages, and different consumables. It meets increasing shopper demand for safety, freshness, and environmental sustainability whereas at the same time meeting producer demand for cost-efficiency, craft, and innovation.
The flexible packaging market is ready to grow steadily in 2021 and beyond. If you’re able to learn more about premium goods like Jupiter Laminators, our team is waiting to speak to you!

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