Frozen Food Packaging Trends & Beyond

We know that environment friendly and sustainability packaging is nothing new, however all of the analysis suggests that this can be a movement that continues to realize momentum. Frozen food generates virtually 50% less waste when put next to contemporary foods consumed within the home. This suggests that families are able to waste less food and save cash, as they’re not abandoningsp the maximum amount of food due to spoilage. This can be a win-win for today’s savvy customers.

Jupiter Laminators offers a line of both totally recyclable and totally perishable Frozen Food Packaging options so you and your customers will feel good regarding the goods they’re buying.


Frozen food not only saves customers cash by reducing waste material, it additionally saves time. Today’s families lead more and more agitated lives. As such, they are perpetually on the look-out for goods that are each healthy and cut-down on precious prep-time.

The common idea with ready-made meals is that they lack the constant quality that contemporary foods supply. Through analysis and innovation, frozen food manufacturers are actively attempting to combat this stereotype. Frozen food packaging is more and more designed and made with premium quality in mind. As a lot of customers return to understanding the advantages of frozen food, manufacturers are meeting this demand by making visually appealing, tactile packaging for their goods to reinforce public perception and increase charm.

Jupiter Laminators high-quality laminates meet this demand head-on. We also manufacture a very steamable package choice that permits it to be quickly and safely steamed within the microwave. It’s the right combination of convenience for customers, and quality for manufacturers.


Stand up pouches have inflated in quality throughout 2020, and that we expect this trend to continue into 2021. This format is a very popular frozen-food manufacturer, as they don’t simply stand upright—they stand out on the shelf with vivid, high-quality graphics.

Stand-up pouches are lighter than ancient bottles and cans, value less to provide, are easier to ship and store and are more environmentally-friendly. These options build stand-up pouches a win-win for both manufacturers and customers. Jupiter Laminators offers a range of pouch choices for frozen food suppliers. Maximize your shelf impact and client charm with this common format.


A recently-released report on international food and drink trends for 2021 suggests that there’s a general client mistrust of food safety throughout the manufacturer to offer chains. There’s heightened awareness of food recollections perpetuated by websites and alternative media, thus farm-to-table transparency are a few things that families are trying to find, currently and within the future.

For frozen food manufacturers, this suggests inflated answerableness, and revealing a lot of specific details concerning their processes are key. Frozen food packaging will have to be compelled to meet this new demand through crystal-clear, HD surface printing on high-quality laminates to confirm labels are decipherable and appearance-skilled.


Our frozen food packaging options supplies the right combinations of strength and sustainability that may assist you meet the demand of those trends, currently and into 2021. Our team of consultants can work with you to see actual necessities for your product, guaranteeing that each one of your exacting standards is met.

At Jupiter Laminators, we experience our product safety and innovation capabilities. We’ve designed strategic alliances and alternative leading labs to enrich our onsite experience to confirm that no matter the product you would like to package, we’ll work with you to seek out the most effective solution. Contact our team of consultants to induce started these days.

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